Doug Heck - Woodturner in Carroll County, Maryland - Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

My name is Doug Heck, and I am a wood-turner located in Carroll County, Maryland.

I am a database engineer that loves playing in the wood shop. Self-trained on the lathe, I love what I can create out of a simple block of wood, God’s creation. For me, the process of turning a block of wood into a piece of art is peaceful in a meditative way. Perhaps I can create something for you some day soon…

Please enjoy your time here on the website, view my collection of previous and current works. And be sure to visit my store to view all available pieces for purchase…READ MORE.


A Rough-Turned Maple Bowl In-Progress

Here’s a quick look at a medium maple bowl, freshly roughed out on the new lathe. I roughed it out green – it had some moisture in it, but it was not very wet. The bark peeled off fairly easy … some of it flew off during turning. The result is a very pretty natural edge bowl.

Weeping Cherry Woodturning Projects

I’ve been working on many woodturned pieces in Weeping Cherry, mostly bowls, but some candle holders for 3″ pillar candles.   This wood finishes very nicely. Once sanded, I applied three coats of boiled linseed oil. The candle holders above are made to hold 3″ pillar candles. Finished in linseed oil.

The New Laguna REVO 1836 Lathe

I just purchased a new lathe. WOOHOOOO! I already had a few lathes in the wood shop… so you might wonder WHY in the world I would retire my Jet 1442 Lathe. The Jet 1442 Lathe still comes in handy, but the new lathe, having arrived a few weeks ago, will allow me to work with larger cuts of wood. This means I can turn larger projects! My trusty Jet 1442 Lathe, pictured to the left, will get some rest … Read More


Woodturned Products - Handmade in Maryland

Enjoy the beauty of nature, in the comfort of your home!