A Rough-Turned Maple Bowl In-Progress

Here’s a quick look at a medium maple bowl, freshly roughed out on the new lathe. I roughed it out green – it had some moisture in it, but it was not very wet. The bark peeled off fairly easy … some of it flew off during turning. The result is a very pretty natural edge bowl.

Weeping Cherry Woodturning Projects

I’ve been working on many woodturned pieces in Weeping Cherry, mostly bowls, but some candle holders for 3″ pillar candles.   This wood finishes very nicely. Once sanded, I applied three coats of boiled linseed oil. The candle holders above are made to hold 3″ pillar candles. Finished in linseed oil.

Welcome to my new website…

Hi! I’m Douglas Heck! I am a self-taught woodturner, local to Taneytown, Maryland. I warmly welcome you to my new website. Here you can learn about me and how I got into woodturning, keep up with my projects in the wood shop, and shop for products that are expertly handcrafted with locally-sourced wood. Looking for something custom, or craving a project made from a special cut of wood? I take custom woodturning orders! Thank you for joining me on this … Read More

Playing in the Wood Shop

SHOP TIME!!!! I knocked out a good number of pieces yesterday, including these pictured. Rough-turned bowls in-progress… they will have to dry for about 3 months before I finish them.

Turning Green on the Lathe

I took a break this afternoon to do a little wood-turning. So, yes, I’m posting a few more photos of wood – what can I say, I’ve been busy and having fun! The first image was taken inside – the other 4 were taken outside. These pieces are green (wet) and have no oil or other finish on them yet.

Woodturning Bowl Blanks of Red Oak

I’ve cut out about 50 bowl blanks so far. There are likely more than 50 left … then I have to return to Herdon with the empty trailer to cut up and haul back another 7′ section, 3.5 feet in diameter, plus a few other smaller pieces. No time for boredom.

Weeping Cherry Wood Turned Candle Stick Set

Finished the third of a set of three candle sticks for 3″ pillar candles out of weeping cherry this afternoon. The linseed oil is still drying/curing (you’ll see some on the paper in the individual photos), but I couldn’t wait to get a few photos of them. Kelly, my daughter and professional photographer, took some photos for me – what background colors do you like best??

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