Doug Heck - Weeping Cherry Wood Turned Bowl In Progress
Rough Woodturned Weepy Cherry Bowl

Natural Edge Weeping Cherry roughed out. Here are a few images from a little time in the shop this evening. A fun piece to turn. Like last night’s project, this bowl is just over 9″ in diameter and about 4″ tall at it’s tallest edge. The wood is still wet and must dry before I can finish sanding it and applying finish. I’m excited to see how this looks once oil is applied. There’s a neat story behind this wood, … Read More

Doug Heck - Chinese Red Maple Wood Turned Bowl In Progress
Rough Woodturning Chinese Red Maple

Chinese Red Maple . . . not done yet, but I had to show it off. I have more sanding to do, then application of oil. Busted a knuckle open on this one. It gave me some challenges. The oil will darken the wood and bring out the color. I’m amazed by the beauty God designed into every tree. I enjoy digging in and finding His little surprises. It’s about 9.25″ across and about 3″ deep.

Natural Edge Cherry Bowl by Wood Turner Douglas Heck, Taneytown MD
Turned Cherry Bowl with Natural Edge

Escaped from work for an hour or so this evening and roughed out this cherry bowl, natural edge, out of a slab that I thought might be firewood. This a green piece of weeping cherry. I’m hoping I can keep the bark on the finished bowl. This is wrapped in newspaper, after stuffing it full of the wet chips that I turned out of the bowl. The chips and newspaper will allow the bowl to dry slowly, and (hopefully) prevent … Read More

Half Ton of Weeping Cherry

So in case you didn’t notice, I like to work with wood. Mostly turning wood. Less than 2 weeks ago I ended up with a half ton of Weeping Cherry and a whole Chinese Red Maple tree (base of trunk about 24″ in diameter). This evening I rough cut 23 blanks with the chainsaw, then made a quick pass at turning as many pieces round as I could, then wrapped then in plastic. Note that a lot of these blanks … Read More

Spinning Tops & Wooden Toys for the Taneytown History Museum

I took the lead in designing and making (and other museum volunteers helped with production too) historic toys for the Taneytown History Museum historic toys display this Spring, 2018. These toys will be available for purchase from the museum. Tops have always been fun. Above is a video of one in action! Special thanks to my daughter, Kelly Heck (a professional photographer) for the photos and video clip! Below are more photos of toy styles for sale. Designed and made … Read More

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